10 most bizarre sexual fetishes

You would not believe what turn on some people

To begin, we explain what it is fetish and what is sexual fixation. You see, the fetish applies to facilities and fixation on certain characteristics of people. Fetishists are also turn on, say halters or whips, and fixation means the love to toes for example. Well, here's the most interesting perversions to which people have fallen:

1. Urofilia
I get it that you know what this is all about. It's a fixation on urine, when people turn on when urinate on someone, or themselves. The popular name is "golden shower", just so you know.

2. Plushophilia
Imagine there are people sexually aroused by a stuffed animals. So naturally, they like to dress up in a big suit of velvet and play.

3. Klizmafilia 

Now stop if you have prejudices, many are conservative and strict. Klizmafilia involves achieving sexual climax by enema. So, the people pumping various fluids in their anus, to feel the sense of fulfillment. Oh well.

4. Akrotomofilia

Akrotomofilics get turnd on amputated human limbs. Sometimes the desire is so strong that some will be willing to cut off part of the body to itself, usually finger. If you think you like something like this, see the film Rust and Bone with Marion Cotillard.

5. Partializam
No, not the cumming on the party. Actually this is fixation
on exactly some part of the body, and nonsexual part, for example, fingers, feet, hair ... 

6. Masochism

Surely you all know, masochists are into the pain. And all masochists need sadists to torture him. They are completely normal but well, like when someone beats them. But so what, if they love ...

7. Dakrifilia

Interestingly, they like to watch others while crying. Dakrifils are usually sadistic.

8. Troilizam

Well, those who will like triplets, or sex with three people. Interestingly, men are more likely than girls to be troilists. You do not have to be in a threesome, but a third party may be looking at the act of sex.

9. Tele skatalogia

These people love to call other by phone and then insult them and tell them some insults. During this time they masturbate. Unlike other perverts these habits suggest people with serious problems.

10. Salirofilia

For some reason some people like dirt, torn clothes and humiliation. Usually in these fixations there are celebrities who salirofils
imagine in mud  naked as they beg for sex, and stuff like that. 

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