Car dash camera

Imagine that careless pedestrian ran in front of your car, leaving you no time to brake. How to prove that you're not guilty? Because of situations like this innocent drivers easily end up in jail. Would car dash camera help to make the outcome be different?

The Internet is now flooded with footage of road accidents recorded cameras in the car, where it seems like most coming from Russia.

A large number of cars in this country has cameras that shoot through the windshield. The Russians, under the circumstances, they realized that having its own video in the event of an incident is profitable investment.

Various scams are out there very often, by a pedestrian who was practically thrown at vehicles or just pretend
and looking for some money to not call the police, car that will suddenly go back to hit you and also threaten the police if you do not pay, crash into your vehicle with damaged vehicle and assembly of false witnesses, who will argue that you are wrong.

Thus, many Russians falling prices of digital onboard camera met as true salvation.
Their courts, video from cameras mounted in the car are take as relevant evidence. After all, if a picture is worth a thousand words, how much it's worth video?

Some insurance companies, thereby, give discounts to certain customers if the car has a camera, and not only in Russia.

Onboard cameras and quality 

Keep in mind that the image quality differs greatly among the cameras, even though on paper almost identical. The country of origin does not say anything. After all, today almost everything is produced in China.

If you intend to buy, do it from trusted vendors, who will be able to return the camera if its characteristics do not match the specification.

Do not take a blind date technical information, such as the type of video format, resolution, and so on. Look for examples of images on the website of the manufacturer or seller and keep in mind that they are usually brewed in ideal conditions (sunny day, a car with his back to the sun, etc.)..

Browse YouTube, as there can be found an abundance of amateur footage. True, the quality of the image you are viewing does not necessarily match the original as when uploading there is a certain image compression (this is a complicated topic, so I do not want to go into details).

Find out on the internet forums, foreign and domestic - to them you can get a lot of useful advice.

More advanced versions

There are very advanced and expensive versions, with a high-quality camera, excellent lighting for night vision, GPS, G force sensor (shows the intensity of acceleration, braking, cornering), recording speed and engine rpm. They often have a second camera that captures the car's interior.

They are still mostly buying enthusiasts who want to record their driving skills. However, they can be useful when you leave the car in the shop and an employee decides to take a ride.

Record sound

Basically I can record the sound, but this feature can be turned off. Of course, the quality of the microphone varies, so that some call the driver and front passenger into a slurred mumble. An important video, so do not worry sound, although the unwritten rule comes with a better camera and a good microphone.

HD only on paper?

Tag HD (high-definition) means practically nothing and do not let the seller impress you. "High Definition" (literally) should indicate the quality of the recording, but often, when you look at video cameras, you will realize that you can not read the license plate of vehicles in front of you.This is a simplified explanation of the labels HD and think there is no need to go into details. If among the readers have experts in this field, inviting them to give their opinion.

The amount of memory

The amount of memory is not so important. It is important to record the exact moment of the incident, and it will be done even if you have a memory for several minutes. Most cameras can be set to turn images into separate files, for example, for every 2, 5 or 15 minutes, and when the memory is full, the oldest file is wrap. So virtually unlimited recording without having to delete the scenes. 

Car dash camera

"If a witness is lying, the camera does not lie"

In situations when the car hit the pedestrian or cyclist at fault unwritten rule falls on car drivers. About undisciplined pedestrians and cyclists rarely speaks and it often happens that incidents occur away from intersections, pedestrian crossings, traffic lights, etc.. Drivers swear they could not avoid to impact, claiming that:

a) cyclists riding on unpaved section of sidewalk and suddenly crossed the road, probably to avoid a hole. The defendant claims that the driver could not react fast enough and there is a folding bicycle

b) The pedestrian was standing by the road and talking mobile phone, without seeing stepped out of the way, probably wanting to cross to the other side and only then look to the left - at that time there was a blow

Maybe the drivers in the two criminal cases, and may not be - we'll never know, because there were no witnesses. Their fate was in the hands of the court and expert witnesses, and in the absence of concrete evidence. Therefore, a digital camera for the car can become your best friend.

Let us take as an example the situation when two cars collide at the intersection, with one of them passed a red light. Both drivers can claim that the other side is to blame. If the culprit has to be companions as witnesses in court to confirm that they are the last of the green and the other red car, the consequences can be serious if you are not guilty.

I recommend that you buy a car dash camera on Amazon. There is a simple reason for this, Amazon has a wide range of onboard cameras, from the cheap ones made in China that cost 30 dollars, to those made ​​in Germany that cost 300+ dollars. Amazon has a strict policy of protecting customer if a product is not good, you can return it with no consequences. Amazon dash cameras.

Car dash camera


  1. Even when the car is parked in the driveway, and you want to find out which kids are throwing empty soda cans in your yard on the way home from school, this beauty will come in handy. Surveillance Cameras are not just purely used for crime and this one can be handy for many situations.i recommend this one

  2. Wondering whether you should install a dashboard camera in your car? Here are the four main reasons why dash cams are becoming more and more popular around the globe. Not only are they great for security, but they are also fun!

  3. If you are driving and any accident happens in front of you, it's necessary to have a dash camera mounted on the windshield of your car. This camera is very useful in defending those people who're blamed by others for the wrongdoing committed by them.


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