The World's First Vagina Beer Has Arrived! Cheers !!!

If there is something that we like, then this woman and beer. So far we have no limits to enjoy in one of these things (guess which) that we dealt a lot of headaches, and we will now be able to enjoy the other. And not the whole, but in a special part of women - vaginas.

Meet Order of Yoni - the first brewery that produces beer of the vagina. Yes, you read that right. Beer is made from the vaginal flora, namely lactobacilli. To the first cooking to be more attractive, the brewery has chosen vagina of super sexy model from the Czech Republic - Alexandra Brendlova.

"We were looking for inspiration, a girl who is beautiful, but also intelligent," said Wojtek Mann, founder of the brewery. "I appreciate her way of speaking, and I think her body language, her walk, very sexual."

Before spending your entire savings on beer from the vagina, we must tell to you the whole campaign is on Indiegogo since they need some means of mass production. So for the support of 39 euros you get a voucher for a beer of 0.75 liters, their glass, bottle opener, washer for glass and a signed poster of Alexandra Brendlova.  

For 10 thousand euros you can send your girlfriend vaginal flora, and they will produce 60 bottles of beer from her vagina.

Currently, the campaign is at 1142 euro of the required 150 thousand, but we believe that it would not be a problem when beer lovers find out about this type of beer.




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