Science Explains: Why men like women with curves

Women who have a sand clock figure are synonymous for beauty, and this is exactly the form that attracts men. However, the question arises why? Everyone knows that men like women who have bigger breasts and buttocks, but is there really an answer to that question, except for the most popular - is it sexy?

In fact, there is a scientific explanation why a huge number of men crave for curvy women and why women like Kim Kardashian are so popular among men.

Large breasts, wider hips, and big booty send men an instinctive message, which is that these women are ready to give birth to children and can easily do it. Although you probably do not think on the  children when you see a beautifully built girl, your instinctive part of the brain is thinking about it and sending you signals that the girl in front of you is attractive and handsome.

Our body is programmed to increase our chances of reproduction and the proclaiming your family line. Because of this, our brain sends signals that the most handsome women are those with the greatest chances to have a healthy baby with no problems. 

This proves another thing, and that is that we are still partly instinctive beings that are evolved programmed to act and do certain things without thinking. Of course, our conscious part of the brain can exclude these instincts, so there are cases where people are married to non-obese women who are simply said "flat like a board", but they love them immensely and never think of leaving them. However, the fact is that such women will never be attractive as women with curves at first glance.

Do you agree that women with curves are more attractive or do you have a different opinion?


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