70% of women are looking for this in men

There are always threads of what women are attracted to, what kind of men must be and what women love. Some think that look is everything, others think that male behavior plays a major role, and the third one thinks that money is the greatest asset. Nevertheless, a recent study that has examined 150 women of different ages has come up with a different conclusion.

The women who participated in the experiment had to write and determine which men are most attractive to them. They had a list of photographs of men of different types. Some were visually rich, others were perfectly built, and the third one showed that they had charming features.

Although women had a different opinion, and a
lthough they compared men differently from the most handsome to the "less" handsome, 70% of women agreed to one thing, and that is, men with "sculpted" physical looks are the most attractive.

Men who had large hands and chest, six pack abs and wide back were the most attractive to women, and scientists have explained why.

It's an instinctive attraction that we share with animals. When women see a strong and muscular man, their brain instinctively states that this man is strong enough to be able to fight and protect his family, and that is what is most important in survival and extension of the species.
This is the main reason why women are so attracted to strong guys. This is also evidenced by the fact that more and more men go to the gym and that the gym is currently the most popular form of


  1. In the modern era, a guy with a dad bod, but with a fully sculpted wallet and a 7 figure bank account work just as well.


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