Studies have shown: women are into nerds

Before we begin to talk about this topic and the results that recent research has shown, we first have to explain what the word "nerd" means. Nerd  is often used in a negative context for people who enjoys learning, who are not social, wearing glasses, don't like sports and are weird. However, nerds are actually people who are focused on learning, who want to complete all their tasks and who are trying to be perfectionists in every field.

Precisely because of these characteristics, nerds become women's favorites. The latest research in the UK has shown that girls are increasingly looking for boys who are nerds and who have the characteristics of this group of people. Young girls said that nerds are mostly emotional, sensitive, trying to understand girls and that they are not all about lifting weights and fast cars. Research has also shown that nerds are far more loyal, and that's one of the reasons why they mostly manage to create long and strong love relationships.

Girls and women said that  physical appearance is important, but that they would be with a man if he showed that he is intelligent, successful, working, and that he is someone who is sensitive and who understood his women and his environment. 

So, guys, appearance it's not everything, there's something in the head. So do not be ashamed if you are someone who loves to read, wear glasses, or if you do not have carved six pack like Michelangelo's David, because you can get girls with your charm, intellect and emotions. 


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