Korean baseball league winners get a giant sword - the best trophy ever?

Kudos to Rabuzin’s sun, the Champions League trophy and the FA Cup cup, but the Korean baseball league winners got by far the best trophy in trophy history. Although it is not official, it is still the best.

And this is what the official trophy looks like:


The regular trophy for the winners is the usual weight for paper that is usually obtained, but the ownership of the club that won the league decided to deserve a better trophy.

NC Dinos are owned by NCSoft, the gaming company behind the gaming hits from the Lineage MMO franchise. They gave their team a celebration and a trophy like no one else in the world - a huge sword.


Obviously, they are more excited about this trophy than the actual trophy.


This is fantastic. Feel good news. We are a little late for the party, they got the sword at the end of November, but today we came across a photo and were completely delighted. Every kid, regardless of whether he is 5 or 35 years old, dreams of one day getting a huge sword. We had to share this.



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