Why are men attracted to blondes?


Scientists have given us the answer...

Men aren't always forthcoming about their attraction to blondes. But there's no denying that blondes with flowing, golden hair are widely considered beautiful and alluring. This explains the popularity of hair dye – many women choose to go blonde. But what is it about these light-haired ladies that captures our attention? Why do we find ourselves speechless and heart-fluttered when we see them?


Science may hold the answer.


While blondes seem ubiquitous today, natural blondes are actually quite rare. Only about 5% of women worldwide are naturally blonde. This very rarity might be the key.


Imagine our ancestors, without access to modern cosmetics and dyes. Back then, blondes were exclusively natural. This rarity meant that encountering a woman with golden hair would have been a delightful surprise, something truly out of the ordinary.


The spark of excitement triggered by seeing a blonde may be subconsciously ingrained in us. That's why our hearts might still give a little jump when we see them today. Blondes, then, hold a special allure because they were essentially goddesses of beauty to our ancestors, their perception of beauty passed down through our very DNA.


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