4 poses that every guy should try

Looking for something new that you could try in bed? Tired of the dogie style, sides, missionary and other poses that you try whole life, and you want something new? These interesting poses will delight your sweetheart and allow her stronger and longer lasting orgasms! Only well-read, remember and apply!

1. Waterfall

Lie on your back so that your head and shoulders touch the floor, and let her come to the edge of the bed and let her ride you. Blood will exceed the head and create extra pleasure when you get to orgasm.

2. Wrapped gift

Both lie looking at each other. She leans over and spread her legs, putting her kitten in front of you. You lift up hips and her legs cover your back.

3. Sit on my face

Put a pillow under her head and sit down in front of her so that she can put a cock in her mouth. You can help by keeping for the wall or bed. This pose will be very comfortable to her and will turn you on.

4. Fusion

Raise her legs on your shoulders, it will increase her muscle tension and help her to experience a better orgasm. Pick up her butt off the bed, and it will be easier to her to set up as she likes. 


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