Guard Combat 4 × 4 - a new toy Israeli army

Combat Guard 4×4
If we ever imagined ideal vehicle for zombie apocalypse, then Combat Guard, the new Israeli army armored vehicle, is just what we would need in such situations. We would like to see how it would look in black, even like this design reminiscent of the Batman movies. Combat Guard is a vehicle that, despite its weight of 8 tons offers superior off-road ability, and because of the huge wheels and 70-inch distance from the ground, there is almost no terrain that can not be overcome. Water obstacles up to 1.5 meters deep, are no obstacle for this armored vehicle, which also offers protection from infantry ammunition and mines to a maximum of 8 passengers carried.

Cobra engine, 6.5 liters of volume offers plenty of power, and with the additional burden of 1.5 tonnes, still can achieve speeds greater than 120 km'h. Unfortunately, even if you are preparing for the zombie apocalypse, you will still not be able to purchase this vehicle because it is made ​​specially for the Israeli army. And yes, apart from offering protection, it has firepower, so the problems with the zombies or those who dare to shoot at you, quickly solve machine gun mounted on the roof of the car. In the video you can see how Combat Guard looks in action on the field.



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