7 most common mistakes we do when grilling

We have already said that the cooking meat on the grill is one of the things with which to be aware of any man who had kept to himself. Of course, by the roasting meat on the grill, should properly prepared other things that are essential to the very act of barbecuing goes in the best way. But just in these steps we often make mistakes, which can destroy the best festival, because when we are hungry we don't think, and that combined with a few beers and a large group of "hooligans" can end up fatal. That's why today we will mention a few things that most often make mistakes when it comes to grilling, to avoid similar situations.

We are not patient

Do not be hasty, not even when preparing the grill. Of course that in every festivity there are hungry "hooligans" who want to hurry the process as quickly as possible to include something in the stem, but do not let it bother you, do not allow anyone to rush you.

The food is too cold

This is one of the things that each of us is made at least once, and many times is repeated on when grilling. The food you wish to bake on the grill should be at room temperature when put on the grid. If grilling steak, remove it from the refrigerator at least an hour prior to the meat is ideal temperature when you go with the roast.

Excessive fire

One of the most important things is properly prepared fire, depending on what type of meat you prepare on grill. Make sure that the fire is not too strong as the meat would not be fair fried from the outside, while the inside is still raw. Grill Masters recommend medium strong fire to prepare chicken, something stronger for filet fish, while the steaks fire must be very strong.

Too many spices

No worse than the natural aroma of meat "drown" in spices. Spices should only complement the flavor, and you should not overdo it. If you are not sure which spices to use, decide on simplicity and use only salt and pepper, with them you can not go wrong, if you do not overdo it.

Barbecue is not achieved "working temperature"

It's all in the timing, but sometimes because of a desire that as quickly as possible "hit the on" serving kebabs or drowning with chops, we rush and thus risking to ruin a piece of meat. As we said earlier, take your time, wait for the ideal temperature and only then start with the preparation of meat.

We didn't oiled grill

We know, as soon as you mention the fish, oiling the grid is especially important if you are preparing grilled fish, as otherwise food might stick to the grid and it could happen that in an attempt to move from grid, "massacre" beyond recognition.

The meat is not enough, "marble"

When buying meat, do not look for the pieces that are not laced with a little fat. Okay, maybe not so healthy, but you do not eat barbecue every day. So, select pieces that are somewhat streaked with fat, just because it will give additional flavor during roasting.


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