How Much Does a Celebrity Tweet Cost?

Have you ever wondered how much money should be set aside to make celebrity to praise you on social networks? LeBron James offers a price ...

If you own your company, brand or simply want to be popular, the easiest way is to hire a well-known star on the social networks say a good word about you and / or your product. The most commonly used social networks - Twitter and Facebook, bearing in mind their popularity and ease of use. Such praise in most cases has a price, and it varies depending on the status of the star and its popularity.

Believe it or not, LeBron "King" James, charged astronomical 1,000 US dollars per character! You heard right ... Keeping in mind that a "tweet" on the popular network Twitter has a maximum of 140 characters, the price of your praise can go up to a staggering 140 000 US dollars! A real bargain for a commendation. While this decision is causing huge controversy in public, this does not prevent the big stars to get even more rich.

However, do not immediately dismiss the idea of the standardized approach the market, bearing in mind that the best basketball player today, regularly "monitored" on Twitter over 23 million people. Significant potential is concerned, especially if you can to word a short ad. Also, each of praise offered the opportunity to insert a link to your company, brand ...

Opinions are divided on the effectiveness of such actions. However, many feel that is much more effective than TV commercials, which can cost you much more if you apply regularly. Cleveland star has a great popularity, especially among the younger generation, and its promotion planning need to define the action is goal-oriented. 

A specialized agency for the US market - "Opendoors" offers the possibility of recruiting a number of popular stars for your marketing activities. Their agency, first began with specialized marketing activities, offering a choice of a large number of stars, creations and messages targeting the end-market. Not only the athletes represented, services singers, actors, politicians are also excellent "charged". Paid ads are gaining in importance, as they represent an excellent and easy way to make money. From American athletes excellent quoted have Kevin Durent, Kobe Bryant, Tiger Woods and Floyd Mayweather. 

It also, particular weight have advertisements that occur during a popular event, when most of the followers is "linked" to their computers and TVs. For now, most of the money took American football player, member of the New England Patriots, who earned 20 000 US dollars. On the other hand, there are the stars who refuse this kind of advertising, stating that it is not moral that may harm their reputation acquired. As expected, this kind of marketing promotion is the most represented in the United States, while the rest of the world only slowly became fashionable.


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