What would you do if you were invisible?

Invisibility is a quality of superhero, but what would you do if you had this ability?

It would probably be better to make use of such power in the good and positive purposes, but we are sure to have every bit of fun when possessed such ability. We decided to have a little play with this theme and to present you some of the options that you had when you were invisible.

9. Preventing crime

Of course if we had super powers, to feel like a real superhero, and would be in order to prevent a crime and get justice on our streets. As invisible man we would be seamless and truly unstoppable.

8. Entry in prohibited areas

Imagine seamlessly enter the VIP room with famous people or backstage concert of your favorite band. It would be really fantastic. Of course you would have to abstain and remain calm, so no one would notice you.

7. Free travel

Boarding the airplane, sit somewhere where no one will hit you and fly wherever you want for free. How will you continue to navigate the desired destination that is a different thing, but with the help of invisibility could seamlessly enter into any form of transportation.

6. Entry in the ladies' room
There have always been myths that are taking place in the ladies' room of strange things and that women are not always what they represent. With the help of this power you could solve the mystery.

5. Ghost

Everyone has a timid fellow, and what is better than a ghost who occasionally gropes people and move things around the house. Creepy isn't it?

4. An observation of girls
This way you will be able to look at your girlfriend and to determine exactly what she's doing when she thinks that you are not there. Make sure that you do not find something that you will regret.

3. Magician

Invisibility could make such capacity for magic tricks. Just imagine what tricks that would be. Would disappear before human eyes, that watched in disbelief.

2. Placing sporting event
Imagine to drop invisible to the football field and can prevent the achievement of a safe target. So you can get on the bookmaker and to create quite a stir in the world of sports, but we do not say it's the right thing to do.

1. Drive someone nuts
As an invisible ghost you can do a lot of things, so you can completely drive nuts desired person. If your boss pissed you off, visit him a few days at his home and scare him several times. We are sure that the next time he will give you a long vacation.

What would you do when you possess such power?


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