Rules for watching in a woman's breasts!

To someone asks a man what is his favorite hobby, but to honestly answer, would most likely be something like watching the girls when they drink coffee and read the newspaper. Under girls think breast, instead of coffee can be brewed. Since we are almost all the same, the biggest problem with this hobby is you can be caught, and that moment of shame is hard to erase, even minutes. Of course, recover quickly and move to a new challenge, but since you first caught, it is very difficult to do it again since she is now on alert and looking at you like you're a freak. Worst case scenario? Your girlfriend arrives, greeted the girl and invited to sit down to you.

So, favorite male activity, watching the female breast has its own rules. There should be the rule "Small is big," but if you master your craft, you can extend a bit and do not get the title of the local voyeurs, as the stories of, very hard to lose and restore the honor of your name.

Please read these rules and apply if situation permits. And most importantly, respect women. Watching is not sin, drool and tempt is already a problem.

1. Look when she is not watching

It is very difficult to talk with a girl and not resist staring when the girl put on a T-shirt with an opening up to the navel. You look into her eyes, and your whole body burns and tells you, "Look down, look down". In this case, it is very important to stay concentrated and stop your animal instincts. You must stand and not look. If you want to look at, do it when she's not looking. Take advantage of a second when she turned and looked at the phone, but you know, they know very well when someone looks at her boobs. If you are caught, discomfort begins.

2. Remember how old you are

You have more than 30 years and still do not know how to seamlessly measure girl? Then it's time to stop because there is no worse than older men saliva for a pair of tits in public. If you are younger, you learn, practice, because the instinct of view is difficult to control.

3. Sunglasses are your best friend

Wear sunglasses, especially those with darker glasses if you think that's worth the risk the longer view. But again, be aware that women know very well when someone is staring at them. They call it the sixth sense, we call it the male curse.

4. Do not go overboard

Man look in a girl, who says that he wants her immediately and at 1000 ways can be creepy, especially if you are alone. Be moderate, be within normal limits. All over that slowly leads you into the pervert zone.

5. Viewing time is crucial

For men looking at the breast for hours can seem like several seconds, which can be very uncomfortable for the girl, especially if she does not like it. Take a look, a second or two and believe us, nothing will change on their part. Still breasts will be there in ten minutes.

6. Do not end up like a virgin

Surely you have a friend who just starts to stare at the coffee shop as soon as the occurrence of hot girls. The phase of staring and drooling begin, and phase reveries and it is hard to get back his attention. For the girls, he will remain a virgin. Do not be that guy.

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  1. Malcolm Drury
    If they aren't for sale ...... Then don't put them in the shop window


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