How will the world look like in 500 years

500 years is just a blink of an eye to the universe and our planet, but for all mankind, this number represents a long period of time. Currently we are in an era of breathtaking technological developments and it seems that every year, medicine, science and technology advance incredibly fast. However, the question arises, what will happen to the planet, but also with the human race in 500 years?

Tyson has the answer to this question. "If we continue to increase the population of people at the same rate we will be in a very bad problem. For 500 years it will be a place just so that all people can stand up next to each other. So we have a huge population problem that must be solved in as humane way possible. This is one of the biggest problems of the future. So either we will have to go to another planet and to divide the population, or we will look for other ways. Building underground and heavenly cities is also an option, as it would thus increase the surface area, and are suitable laws that will govern the human population."Said Tyson. 

He added that the human race will not survive another 500 years if our behavior does not change radically. It's not just the population, the destruction of our environment and the whole planet we live on is a big problem, but for now we have no other home. Tyson hopes that future technology will be advanced enough that people will be able to achieve their goals, while preserving their planet and all life on it. 

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