Test for KGB agents: can you pass the test?

In addition to the entrance exam and knowledge test in the former USSR future agents had to solve puzzles like this one in the drawing. Can you pass the test!

Study the picture and answer the following questions:

- Are these people experienced in camping?
- Do they know well to keep the household? 

- Is the river in the drawing navigable? 
- Will the laundry take a long time to dry? 
- Will the sunflower long to grow? 
- How far is the first city from this camp? 
- In which city is flying the plane? 


- They're not experienced campers. If they were, would not set up tent in the valley! 

- Probably, but not excessively. You don't clean fish from the head, the button is not sewn long end, and the wood is split on the block, if possible. 

- The river is navigable. Visible is the navigation feature on the coast.

-  It will not. Because wind is carrying float hook upstream.  

- Looks like a sunflower is broken and stuck in the land - the flower is not facing the sun, broken plant is no longer growing. 

- Is not more than 100 kilometers away. If there is more TV antenna would be more complex. 

- It's not going to the city. It is an agricultural plane. 

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