How It's Made: Bugatti Chiron

We believe that Chiron will be the fastest car in the world, the reason for this is that there is no doubt that the very first tests will show that the successor to the legendary Veyron deserves just that, the throne of the fastest cars of today. But today we will not deal with the technical characteristics, but enjoy in certain stages during which over 1800 parts to make a whole to give a technological marvel of the Bugatti worth a whopping 2.4 million.

Of course, as befits today's supercars, Chiron occurs in the complex, which is more like a laboratory than the plant. Home of Chiron is a small French town of Molsheim, which is also the headquarters Bugatti, where the campus designed in the form of the logo of the company is 12 pedestals that station for a certain part of the emergence of one of the most powerful cars of today.

When the monocoque chassis draw up the tailgate, where there is a massive W16 engine, poured the liquid and mounted wheels, Chiron is moved to a special chair designed to measure power at the wheels because the current that is used to measure power at the Bugatti Veyron could submit additional stresses that come with the power increase to as much as 1,500 horsepower. When engineers are satisfied that they met the strictest standards, then the car is ready for installation of the beautiful interior and the first test drive.

Prior to delivery, each manufactured copy passes cosmetic preparation for two days, after which it moves to the light tunnel which passes a rigorous inspection of each tiny part for a period of 6 hours. If it passes the inspection, as the last stop before the key is handed over to the new owner, team of Bugatti bosses provide the latest approval. Let us just mention the production process only one copy of Chiron has lasted for two months, and this is certainly one of the reasons why such exclusivity can afford only a small number of well-heeled. We can only marvel at the technological miracle of the Bugatti factory of dreams.  


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