How to show her that you are a man, not a boy

It's time to grow up ...

What makes a man a "real man"? Many women say they feel as if they are in relationship with the boys, not with man and to seek the right man who will be there for them. So, what you need to do to show that you are a real man.

Here's the answer:

1. Dressing

A real man knows how to dress for every occasion, and will not wear something that is not in accordance with his age and character. Also, a real man is not afraid to wear a suit and tie to put around his neck.

2. Self-confidence

Scientifically proven - believe in yourself and others will believe in you.

3. Note the hairstyle and beard

A man will never allow himself to
neglect, but the boy will. Therefore, take care your hair and shave regularly or trim your beard to achieve the best look. 

4. Compliment

If you want to leave the impression with your better half, you need to know when you need to compliment your women. Of course, you must ensure that your compliments are not unnecessarily escalate into flattery.

5. Open your eyes

When you're with a woman, you have to open your eyes. Watch it and comment on every new thing on her body or styling.

6. Respect other people's time

 One of the signs that you have grown up means to stop getting late and that you started to respect your and other people's time. This is a real gentleman qualities that you must have if you want to be a real man. 

7. Think of tomorrow

If you live only for today, then you probably will not have much success, but if you can see the bigger picture, you will probably achieve much more in life. If she notices that you are a man who thinks about the future, she probably will want to share her future with you.


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