S.O.P - a dog that even Knights were afraid

SOP - Serbian Defense Dog
Many times we wrote about the different breeds of dogs, and we mentioned some more aggressive such as the Caucasus shepherd and the Tibetan mastiff. Now, however, we decided to turn our attention to the dog, which dates back to the Middle Ages.

SOP (Srpski Odbrambeni Pas) or Serbian defense dog originated on Mount Romanija crossing wolves, tornjaka dogs, Neapolitan Mastiff, Rottweiler and American Staffordshire Terrier. Cross-breedings were completed in 1991, so that year is taken as the year of the breed. The creator of the breed is Nenad Gavrilovic. Although this breed seems very young, Nenad Gavrilovic was trying to reconstruct a very old race of Serbian dog that lived in the Middle Ages and during Byzantine Empire. 

The purpose of this dog was to be the best protector of that time. He was large, massive and very powerful, and all that enter into his territory would be torn to pieces, which made him the ultimate dog guard whom the Serbian rulers worshiped.

In addition to being an unusual guard, this dog was also an exceptional shepherd and cattle-breeder, so the Serbs called him the "Balkan shepherd dog" as he helped shepherds to keep sheep, goats and cows.

The SOP is a breed that has succeeded in reconstructing the old knight's breed and this dog becomes more and more popular in Europe. Since it is created by mixing different breeds, this dog is excellent in different situations, and is most often used in police duties because it is powerful, aggressive and has an incredibly sense of smell.

Of course, there are those who kept this dog as a pet and they say that this dog is incredible cuddler if the trained and socialize on time.

We hope into the future SOP become world famous breed that will show the world what it means to have
KNIGHT'S dog. 


  1. Hahahahaha...what a load of shit...knight dog?from 1981 is a knight dog,where are those knights?
    And this shit about old origins is yet another serbian myth and lie

    1. Actually, it was the dog of the Serbian knights, but this dog breed was extinct, they are now trying to recreate it again.


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