Top 3 slim tactical wallets ideal for the upcoming hot summer days

Top 3 Slim Tactical Wallets
In front of us are the warmer days and times we spend most of the time in lightweight and light clothes, in which any slightly bigger object only creates additional problems. Wallet is one of the things without which we simply can not, but often during this period creates more problems than benefits. So, for you, we bring ultra thin wallets that, besides being ideal for the front pocket, combine functionality of wallets and multifunctional tools into a useful whole. Aside from being useful to countless situations, these slim wallets will conveniently accommodate all of your cards and money, and thus reduce the amount of items you will wear in your pockets. This is our choice of Top 3 Slim Tactical Wallets to prepare you for the hot summer days ahead.


Trayvax Original Wallet
For those whose extreme lifestyle does not allow them to carry sensitive things, but they need something extremely durable, something that will withstand all the torture they are going through or just want to show off the crowd, the Trayvax company has an ideal minimalist solution to not have to worry about for your cards or money. Minimalist wallet looks more like something that belongs to the standard equipment of special units, but the obligatory male style add-on. With a $ 35 price tag, this is the most durable thin wallet in that price range.

Dango Tactical EDC Wallet

Dango Tactical EDC Wallet
Robustness and sophistication is achieved by the use of aluminum that is used for the space and air industry combined with top quality leather. Wallets come in two models, among which you can choose a "Tactical" model that in spite of minimalist philosophy offers great opportunities. First of all those who always want to have a multifunctional tool, because its aluminum frame hides up to 10 tools such as screwdrivers, saw blades and various keys. The prices of these beauties range from $ 60 to $ 90.

Gerber GDC Money Clip

Gerber GDC Money Clip
Although this is not just a wallet for money, "Gerber GDC Money Clip" will nevertheless allow you to save up to five cards and some money in its ultra-thin case. In addition, the same casing also hides the miniature blade, which can serve you in many situations. Made of stainless steel covered with titanium nitride, this "wallet" will withstand all challenges and tortures, and in addition, the bladder weighs only 80 grams so you will not mind at any time. The price goes around $ 30.  


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