China's Most Beautiful Female Teacher

You will not see here (though I know you expect) provocative photos. Do not be fooled by her beauty, she is really a elementary school teacher. Her name is Zhu Songhua and she is teaching Chinese language in the First Primary School of Jiangsu Nantong. 
Her colleagues said, Zhu Songhua loves teaching and has always been one of the most talented among teaching staff. She says she usually does not dress and make-up like she looks at her photos on the Internet. 
Do you think that boys who attend elementary school where their teacher looks like this can learn more then from the average teachers? Do children listen to her lectures with more care or imagination by looking at her? Can you guess who comes to her parental meetings? Fathers or mothers ... There is certainly the problem of jealous mothers. In any case, Zhu Songhua definitely revolutionized the image of a teacher in China and I'll say what I'm always saying: where were these teachers when I was in school?!


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