Research says: Men are more discriminated than women!

Today we live in a time in which everyone is fighting for their rights. Women and women's rights movements are one of the good examples, as they strive for the equality of women and men and strive for women to be equal members of societies and to have the same opportunities as men.

However, this attention paid to women has led to the situation turning. The latest research has shown that men are more discriminated than women. The study was carried out by the University of Essex and the University of Missouri-Columbia and published in the journal Plos One. Of the 134 countries surveyed, in the 91st, men encountered discrimination problems. Women are discriminated in the 42, but the number of men is significantly higher and shows a very serious situation in world society. This discrimination was mostly reflected in the field of business, where men were less likely to come to office and academic jobs than women. But, men are also strongly discriminated against in court, and suffer more criticism from society.

They say that the look plays a big role and that employers give women an edge, as they think they will attract customers. Also, many are afraid of not employing women, so as not to endanger women's rights, and they automatically give them an advantage, leaving men down.

Although many will say that women and men are equal, this is not exactly the case, and the men are hardly reaching their desired jobs. This shows the negative impact of the fight for human rights, which can only lead to the men getting up to fight for they rights, and if everyone does it in the end, then we will encounter a very inconvenient situation where the rights will eventually not exist.  


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