Wolfdog: When You Mix a Wild Wolf with a Domestic Dog

Since the dogs were made of domesticated wolves, they share 99% of the gene with them. However, today's dogs are quite different from wolves, if we exclude breeds like the Husky. Due to massive mixing, there were breeds that do not look like wolves at all and that are completely unique.

However, people who live in villages and in areas where there are wolves say that it often happens that their dogs breed with wolves, and that the true Wolfdogs are beautiful and resemble real wolves. They are most commonly mated with the Huskies, but also with other breeds such as the German Shepherd, the Golden Retriever and even the Corgis.

Their temperament depends on what breed of domestic dog they were mating with. Because of their origin, they can often be aggressive, why it is not advisable to be with children, but also can be very gentle. If they grow up in the house, they will recognize the family as their pack and defend it with their lives. They like to be outdoors in nature and do not like to be closed, like in box.

We decided to show you how these wolves mixes look like and we're sure you'll be delighted if you are a dog lover.

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  1. Hmm that's funny because i saw that very same picture of the golden retriever "wolf" mix on some other website claiming it was someone's golden retriever husky mix not wolf mix this is sketchy now i don't know wich one to believe.


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