How long humans could survive on other planets

How long do you think humans could survive on Mars or Venus without their space suits?

The human body and organism are perfectly created to survive in the conditions our planet Earth provides us with. However, what would happen if humans set foot on other planets in our solar system. For now, man was only on the moon, but even then he was protected by an atmospheric space suit that protected him from ruthless space influences.

Scientists have taken into account all the factors that other planets provide and calculated how long humans without space suits could survive on them. Planets closer to the Sun have mercilessly high temperatures to shelter, while planets farther from Earth and the Sun have temperatures so low that you can freeze at incredible speed. There are also gas giants like Saturn and Jupiter that would crush you with their gravity and merciless influences. Also, lack of air and change of gravity would also cause human death on these planets to be extremely fast.

So, here's how long you could survive on other planets without space suits:

1. Mercury - 90 seconds

2. Venus - 1 second

3. Mars - 80 seconds
4. Jupiter - 1 second
5. Saturn - less than 1 second
6. Uranus - instant death

7. Neptune - less than a second


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