Plastic roads are the future of traffic

British company MacRebur has decided to recycle the dumped plastic and make roads from it ...

The problem of plastic on our planet is getting bigger and bigger and you are probably witnessing the huge plastic waste that can be found in virtually every place on our planet. Plastic recycling is something that every country has to start thinking about, and the British are the nation making the most progress on this.

MacRebur has been able to recycle plastic bottles and put them in the mix of asphalt, creating plastic roads that are incredibly durable and last 10 times longer than normal roads. 

This new type of road is still made of asphalt, but far less harmful substances and fossil fuels are used during construction. The main ingredient of these roads is recycled plastics, which give strength and durability to these roads, and as plastic decomposes after 100 years, it makes new roads more durable and longer lasting. Also, plastic helps bind asphalt and prevent holes and bumps in the road.

MacRebur says this is an amazing find and that plastic roads will help make traffic safer and healthier in the future.  


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