How to make a Pizza cake

Pizza is without doubt one of the most popular small dishes in the world and probably the oldest fast-food meal in the world. Pizzas are made in Italy in the 17th and 18th centuries, widely sold on the streets and in bakeries and eating at any time of the day.

While they were in America long ate only immigrant Italians, after World War II pizzas have stormed the palates and hearts of all Americans and became their national dish.

Pizzas are the most popular dish in the world, so no wonder that 9 February celebrated the International Day of pizza. Well, 
enough claptrap about history - we now bring you the instructions on how to make 'Pizza cake'!

It is not necessary to write you a recipe because every real man immediately after watching this video will understand what to do and how to do this at home! Isn't it? 😉 


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