How to recognize a woman who needs sex?

When a woman is constantly nervous, usually jokingly says that she needed sex.

However, there are a number of facts that can give you clearly know that abstinence gripped her life.
By now you probably already know all the benefits of sex, and the whole point of this intimate act, first
enjoyment and then better health, the pleasure which aerate, a smile on face and just a good feeling.

However, just as it recognizes that sex does not lack in someone life, also shows that abstinence is in its infancy. There are many signs that reveal that a woman begs for men to touch her and didn't have sex a long time. If you're the least bit lost in a her behavior, it's easy to discover whether she is in crisis or having a good sex life.

It's up to you to recognize this, and if is the "drought
season", you may be able to do something about it. Physical signs of abstinence:

Drowsiness - Due to lack of natural sedatives - the hormone oxytocin, which is secreted during orgasm, women can be implemented sleepless nights, rolling on the bed.

Older appearance - collagen, which is produced during regular sex makes the skin soft and silky. Due to lack of collagen women may look older than it is. Progesterone, which the body produces during sex, removes acne on her face. 

A woman who needs Sex reveals her conduct - torturing the others. The lack of endorphins affect the perception of the world around her. Often taking pain medication. Women who are having sex more often don't have problems with a lack of oxytocin. During sex hormone oxytocin is secreted, which acts such as morphine, and relieves pain and cramps. 

She is always sickly - Intimate relationships increase the amount of antiviral antibodies to 30 percent. Regularly forgets everything. Sex affects the improvement of blood circulation and better circulation means better functioning of the brain, improves memory and learning new things. 

Unsatisfied with itself - Lack of sex may have the greatest influence on self-esteem, and women who do not have sex often, do not have faith in themselves and are constantly dissatisfied with themselves and their appearance.


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