Erika Canela is Brazil's Miss BumBum 2016

Brazilians have decided to choose a new 2016 Miss Bum Bum, or the best booty of the world!

 Brazil choice for the girl with the most challenging background these days has been successfully completed. In the competition called Miss Bumbum held in this South American country, the jury chose the girl with the best booty, and this year title took 24-year-old Erika Canela. Besides the title, the medical student is richer for 15,000 US dollars.

New Miss Bum Bum for 2016 is gorgeous Erica Canela which left jury speechless. Suzy Cortez (last year winner) was known for often taking naked pictures for the players of Barcelona, but Erica told that she will be even more brutal.

She is a faithful fan of Corinthians, but also likes Barcelona. Erica has announced that she will make "hot" photos for Messi, but he will not be the only one. Erica admitted that she is a big fan of the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin. 

Without further ado, see a girls who are this year "exhibited" ther curves in this competition:


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