Scientists Have Finally Discovered Exactly How Long Sex Should Last

Men and women often discuss how much time it should take the perfect sexual intercourse. The most extensive research on this subject has shown how much should actually lasts.

Doctor Brendan Zietsch from the University of Queensland asserts that the best information on the "strength" in the bedroom brings research published in the journal "The Journal of Sexual Medicine".

It is followed by the sexual behavior of 500 couples in stable relationships longer than six months in Norway, Great Britain, Spain, Turkey and the United States for four weeks.

measured time with stop watches during sexual intercourse from penetration to ejaculation. It turned out that the average time of sexual intercourse without foreplay was 5.4 minutes in these countries."

The fastest on the draw were the Turks, whose average ratio was 3.7 minutes, while the men from other countries could withstand the usual six to seven minutes. The study found that young men were more durable, so the guys from 18 to 30 years of age lasted on average 6.5 minutes, while the sex of men older than 51 lasted about 4.3 minutes.

Surprisingly, the study showed that the use of condoms does not significantly affect the length of sex, as well as (not) circumcision of male sexual organ. Those who have decided to circumcise had sexual intercourse with an average duration of six minutes, and "uncircumcised" lasted 6.7 minutes, which experts consider a negligible difference. 


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