Sofia Vergara goes completely naked for Women's Health!

The most paid television actress in the world has revealed a secret, which is that she hates to practice and to train. However, this Hollywood beauty has a beautiful and challenging body about which men around the world fantasize. Sofia Vergara is 45 years old, but this is not inconceivable that she always looks like a million dollars and leaves her younger colleagues in astonishment.

The famous actress has decided to show her challenging body and take a picture for the cover of the popular women's magazine Woman's Health. This is the first time that Vergara is doing this type of photos, but she says she is happy with the results and she likes what she looks like since she never practices and does not lead a very healthy life.

"I am a morning person and the only moment I can do some sort of training is early in the morning. If it happens that I skip or get busy, then I will always find an excuse to skip a later training. As far as nutrition is concerned, I eat everything that falls under my knife and fork. I am currently in Rome, so it is simply not possible not to enjoy Italian food and cuisine, " said a smiling actress. 

Although Sofia Vergara was shooting for a women's magazine, it did not prevent men from studying her photos in detail, and we can freely say that they were left in shock. Vergara has shown that she has a perfect booty and a beautifully shaped body, but men nevertheless say that her "massive" breasts are her biggest attribute.

Do you agree with them?


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