Proof that Brazilian girls have the best bootys

It is well known that Brazilian girls have great bootys. That is why this country holds every year the Miss Bum Bum competition where the best booty is chosen. We have decided to show you how this competition looks and how the girls who apply here look like.

The winner in 2016 was a girl named Erika Canela and she was Brazilian with the most beautiful ass. She says the competition is fun and interesting and you can see a lot of beautiful women at the place that look like the real goddess of beauty. This year, she came to order the crown to a new girl who will wear the title of a girl with the most beautiful ass for a year.

This year the competition was fierce because a large number of girls who had something to show had been registered. All the girls were exceptionally beautiful, and their backgrounds fell into everyone's eyes.

As every year, a large number of observers, who cheered and supported their favorite, came to this. The girls showed their attributes, and the jury did not have an easy task because it was necessary to choose the one most beautiful. 

In the end, 27 finalists were selected who still have to meet in the last round of the competition. Last year's winner also appeared and said she is ready to forward her crown to the next winner. 

The finals will be held in November so that we will have to wait a bit and see who this year is the woman with the most beautiful booty. 

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  1. Yawz imagination that you have the best bootyz, NOT!!


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