16 places you can not visit

Earth is huge and there's still room for it all. But unfortunately, some are not available to us. Reason? Something secret is happening there that is not for our eyes.

 The Situation Room

The US president and his advisers decide on the fate of the world.

Vatican Archives, Italy

Entering only with the permission of the Pope. "Only" 84 kilometers of bookshelf. Allegedly, they have proof of the existence of UFOs.

Club 33, USA

The place where Walt Disney hosted famous. Allegedly the meeting place of Illuminati.

Cheyenne Mountain Complex, USA

The center of all the military in the United States. From Space Command, Aerospace Defense to Air Force Command ...

Svalbard Global Seed Vault

If something destroys all food supplies in the world, this plant keeps all the seedlings known in the world. Not just seedlings, but also grains ...

Room 39

A room in North Korea where all the evil of this world is being planned. From drug trafficking, falsifying the US dollar or anything that can destabilize the world. (Of course none of this has been confirmed)

Dulce Base, USA

They say that this base is the place where the aliens communicate with the humans.

Queen's Bedroom, GB

After Michael Fagan secretly visited the queen's sleeping room in 1982, sitting on the edge of her bed and drinking her tea, this room became a place where it was impossible to enter.

Bohemian Grove

The place where the most powerful people of the world meet.

Bahnhof / Wikileaks, Sweden

Servers in a bunker that can withstand a nuclear attack.

Fort Knox, USA

This fort has 30,000 soldiers and the entire fleet of helicopters. It has a United States federal gold reserve.       

Pine Gap Australia

The place where ECHELON is located, a global monitoring network financed by the United States and Australia.

The Mormon Church Secret Vault

It is believed to contain 3 billion pages of text on genealogy of Americans. 

Lascaux caves, France

Cave containing more than 600 drawings older than 17 thousand years. Closed for the public since 1963, mostly due to moisture.

Mezhgorye, Russia

Russia to has its secrets, and of course it is nuclear weaponry. 

Area 51, USA

80 km from Las Vegas, the world's most famous banned place. There's everything and anything... 


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