Because of this she will beg you to sleep with her

Married life or long relationship can sometimes get bored when it comes to sex, especially because of the same poses that are repeated every night. In the beginning you might have been interesting, and today you're up for sleeping earlier, rather than have fun in bed. However, there is a solution to this problem.

If you do not have inspiration for sex pose, we recommend that you try out a completely interesting and unusual pose that will entertain you, but also bring you pleasure. Although Kama Sutra is considered a book that only represents and teaches complicated poets, this one is not so difficult.

Here's how this pose is performed:

Since it's a "half-standing" pose, your partner needs to kneel down on her knees and lean against her forearm on a pillow that you have previously put on the floor. You need to kneel on one leg to make it easier to raise later. Then you need to penetrate into her and rise, by raising her legs and placing them around your waist. Due to the ideal angle of penetration, the feeling will be more intense, and therefore will result in a satisfaction. 

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