Men who marry chubby women are happier and live longer

In a recent study conducted by the National Autonomous University of Mexico, a research was carried out to investigate success and happiness in certain marriages. Different things were taken into account such as a partner's age, where they lived and such, but one thing was particularly remarkable for the researchers. An interesting connection was found in a large number of men who stated that they were in a happy marriage.

Surveys have shown that men who are in relationship with chubby women are 10 times happier, and researchers know why.

When the psychological profiles of women who are chubby were made, certain characteristics were found that perfectly fit male, which further leads to a successful and happy marriage:

- Chubby women have proved to be better wives, because they have a stronger ability to anticipate what their husbands need, making them happy and satisfied.

- They value their men much more.

- They showed themselves as more faithful and more responsible wives.

- They are less aggressive than thinner women.

- They are more independent and more comfortable with children.

It is these characteristics that show that chubby women have what they need to be perfect wives. Of course, this does not mean that every chubby women will be good, and every skinny woman will be a bad partner, but if we believe in research, you will have more happiness with chubby women.


  1. Men who marry chubby wives, have to say that. Otherwise they'd prove this statement false.

    1. Those surveys are anonymous. They didn't have to say anything.
      So why she salty?

  2. that is not chubby that is perfect

  3. I like big butts and I can not lie !

  4. You'll never go hungry and you'll never be cold. I promise!

  5. Makes sense.
    More fat - less mating options - no wiggle room.

  6. The thicker the thighs,
    the sweeter the prize.

  7. Okey-dokey then - I'll stop stressing & trying to get skinny!

  8. And they used a picture of porn star Angela White to prove the point. ;)

  9. My wife be like come on over you skinny little thing and get some real loving. Nice butt thunder thighs....hey who's complaining? It's all good here.

  10. This study was done in Mexico where the obesity rate is the second highest in the world.

    And I suspect that the researcher may have been a fat woman who was trying to justify why she's better than her skinny counterparts.


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