Divorce Advice For Men: 10 Top Divorce Attorneys Tell All

Everyone has an opinion on how to get through divorce. Everyone who’s had a bad relationship is an expert. For men today, there's little room for error and we need all the help that we can get. Before the swarm of unsolicited opinions become confusing; we reached out to 10 of the Top Divorce Attorneys in the country to find out what men facing divorce need to know. Every divorce is different, but these experts have SEEN IT ALL!

Carson J. Tucker, JD, MSEL
Law Offices of Carson J. Tucker, JD, MSEL

"My primary advice would be to make sure the moment you know that it’s about to happen, you make every effort to protect your property and finances (money). Don’t get cleaned out before you have to mount a defense."


Holli T. Dean, Esquire
Law Office of David M. Goldman PLLC

"Most men I encounter in divorce cases are very surprised or caught off guard when their spouse files for divorce or asks for a divorce. A lot of men are understandably upset and have a tendency to agree to things their spouse wants without fully exploring their rights with an attorney. Even if the divorce is amicable, have an attorney review any documents before you sign anything. Once a decree is signed by the Judge, it is extremely hard to go back and change something after the fact. This is especially true if there are children involved. Also important is that men frequently do not keep important documents in their possession. Before filing for divorce or as soon as possible after, gather copies of legal documents, bills, birth certificates, accounts, etc. so you will not have to track those down later."


Donald J. Neville
Law Office of Donald J. Neville

"Stand your ground. Most men have a belief the system is designed to favor the women. This is not true.  The system is designed to favor consistency, stability and fairness.  If you develop a plan with these 3 goals you will end up with a positive result."


Bruce A. Sucher
Sucher Law Firm, PLLC

 "Stay off social media about your marital life & any relationships you're forming, separate all banking accounts & credit cards, keep your mouth shut & take care of your children & don't abandon the house. "


Blake P. Lipman
Law Office Of Blake Lipman

"I would advise them to keep their cool, not act impulsively or out of anger or emotion. If they have children, make their children a priority and not use them as a weapon in the divorce. This is better for them strategically in the litigation and to have a happier post-divorce life."


Elizabeth Amaran
Amaran Law Group

"Be kind. And always remember the reason why you married her in her first place. Try to end the relationship the same way you started it, especially if there are children in the middle. "


Dorothy F. Easley, M.S., J.D., BCS Appeals
Easley Appellate Practice

"As an appellate specialist who works regularly in the trial court with family law attorneys, I have two immediate recommendation in dissolution matters. The first is to protect your assets and make your marital settlement agreements as specific as you possibly can regarding all marital and non-marital assets to ensure that you can move on and forward with your life with the least disruption in your financial and family security. That may seem obvious, but an appellate specialist can see at the end of a dissolution matter how hard hit fathers can be if they do not ensure that this advice is carefully followed and I have observed woefully inadequate marital settlement agreements that resulted in years of additional litigation that could have been avoided. Appellate specialists can help trial counsel with those issues. The second piece of advice I would offer anyone is to make sure that "supportive relationship" is well defined in any marital settlement agreement so that future support can be readily modified without expensive litigation and risk of someone else's interpretation."

Donald C. Wheaton, Jr.
“The Lawyer Who Makes House Calls”

"If you have children, don’t move out; find a way to co-exist in the marital residence, so there can be less of a chance of accusations of abandonment or that the established custodial environment has changed. And for goodness’ sake, be prepared to hit the “record” button on your phone so that if there is ever a situation where police are called to respond to alleged domestic violence, you have a recording of some sort to verify your version of events."


Dalia Kejbou
Kejbou Law

"If you have children, don’t move out; find a way to co-exist in the marital residence, so there can be less of a chance of accusations of abandonment or that the established custodial environment has changed. And for goodness’ sake, be prepared to hit the “record” button on your phone so that if there is ever a situation where police are called to respond to alleged domestic violence, you have a recording of some sort to verify your version of events."

Bo Schimers
The Law Offices of Bo Schimers & Associates
"Don’t put yourself in a situation where a phony domestic violence charge can be made against you. Keep some liquid assets on hand - grease works wonders in a lot of situations. Up your game in taking care of the children and keep a diary. Don’t work overtime. Don’t contribute to your 401(k)."


The Bottom Line From The Expert Divorce Attorneys

I personally learned a lot and took away some key points that'll support any guy's case.

1.    Protect your property & finances.
2.    No matter how "simple" you assume your case to be, let an attorney review your documents.
3.    Start gathering the necessary documentations ASAP.
4.    The system DOESN'T favor women.
5.    Stay off social media.
6.    Don't leave the house.
7.    Don't act impulsively and be kind.
8.    Make sure that a "supportive relationship" is defined in your divorce decree.
9.    Record everything.
10.    Up your game in taking care of your children.

Hope you've also found this advice helpful and you feel more prepared for your case.

I’m heartily thankful to every divorce lawyer who contributed and shared their vast experience. I'm very appreciative of their insight and recommend reaching out to them directly if you have any specific questions or divorce needs.

Additionally, you can get most of these details and more in my book, MENy Calculations: Win Divorce & Custody Before You Even Step Into Court (Vol 1). My book delivers practical divorce help for men. All men - not just fathers seeking child custody. This book was purposely written to support an under-advised population of guys on their gravely road ahead - told the way I’d tell a buddy in need. So, let’s grab a drink, one on one, talk preparation, strategy and get you some financial help in the process. We’ve got a lot to talk about.

J. Alfa Mais (JAM)


  1. Load of bullshit this is. Best advice: Abandon your kids, take your money to offshore accounts, leave the country. Best thing any man can do.

  2. And don't buy property you can't move. Oh, and never take advice about divorce from a woman. Especially a woman lawyer, they're all the same.

    1. I actually had success with a woman lawyer. I just found one nastier than my ex. I think that’s the key. Women know other woken’s playbooks. We should use that to our advantage.

  3. The system doesn't favor women? Well I don't believe that.

    1. Hey Gabriel,
      I felt the same way going through my divorce. I learned that it really favors the most informed and prepared, not women. If u prepare well (better than them) you can definitely win. I talk about exactly how in the book.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.


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