Here's what women want you to get them for the New Year

The time for gifts and New Year's celebrations is approaching, which means that we will have to afford something nice to our better half. Every year we go through the same troubled period and we are always wondering, "What do I buy her now?"

We are always trying to stay creative and original and to give our girls something they do not expect, but it often happens that we are screwing up and buying something
which we really should not have bought. That's why we decided to ask girls what they wanted and what they would like to get from their guys as a New Year gift.

Here's what they said:

1. Travel
The most votes went on a travel. Girls in most cases said they would love to go with their boyfriend somewhere and spend New Year holidays on some famous tourist destination.

2. Pet
Nothing is more beautiful than when you donate a sweet and memorable pet to someone. If your girlfriend has no conditions for a cat or dog, you can always give her a parrot or hamster. 

3. Romantic dinner
Women expressed their desire and said they would like to go with their favorite men to a fine and romantic dinner at a luxury restaurant because they think it's a perfect New Year's Eve.

4. A creative gift you made yourself
Many of the girls surveyed said they liked it when a man make effort about presents and that it was a true sign of love and attention. That's why you do not need to focus on something expensive and glamorous, you can only show her your effort and time. If you do, you can be sure she appreciates it.  

5. Perfume
The girls said that the new perfume is always welcome and perfume is always a good choice, so if you do not have any other ideas, you will not make a mistake with the perfume. 


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