Dubai: City modern marvels

Dubai is one of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). In many ways - wonderland. In this emirate everything has prefix "the". Dubai is the record holder for many things, and all that is in it is the most expensive, most luxurious, the largest and most beautiful.

In short, Dubai is a city record. When we think about economic development and progress of the city or the state in general, we address the economic and development potential.

And, of course, these are the basic prerequisites for development. However, the driver only needs to be a man with a vision to be so self-aware and capable that any criticism will not affect his efforts to develop his country.

The most obvious example of such leadership is Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed, the ruler of Dubai, who, since 1971, after the unification of the seven emirates: Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairaha, Ras al-Khaimaha, Sharjah and Umm al-Qaiwain in the United Arab Emirates, used the high price of oil and thanks its natural sites of this energy, turned Dubai from the ground up.

By the end of the eighties, Dubai has already built a port of Jebel Ali and the largest "dry dock" in the world to build and repair ships, and introduced the so-called tax-free zone, which would mean that all those who will come with their companies in Dubai do not have to pay any tax.

To open the company - two days

And so it began. Vision of a beloved Sheikh Rashid who's called the father of the UAE, Dubai after his death his
son Mohammed continued with development, Ruler of Dubai today.

Aware that oil supplies will soon dry up, Muhamud even more liberalized conditions for doing business in Dubai so it is no wonder that a company in the emirate can open incredibly easy and in just two days. Due to this policy of business, the Dubai exist and operate the world's largest companies, banks, factories are springing amazing hotels world's most famous chains like Mariotti and Dubai is expanding and
growing every day.
What was once, about 40 years ago, dry desert sand, now is the largest oasis in the world with four million palm trees, 1,500 hotels, 3,000 restaurants, the largest shopping mall in the world, Dubai shopping center consisting of 1,800 stores, of course, largest aquarium in the world, which is located within the center.

Breath taken is the tallest building in the world (again, made on desert sand), Burj Khalifa, which, with its 868 meters high and 160 floors, the peak of the success of engineers, architects and construction workers.

The building itself holds a number of records that are recorded in the famous Guinness Book of Records. The tallest building in the world, the highest pool in the world, the top-level hospital in the world, and this building has the fastest elevator in the world, from the bottom to the top of the building takes only 58 seconds.

The Burj Khalifa has the highest hotel in the world and one special hotel which was conceived and opened the famous Armani. In front of the Burj Khalifa made ​​a huge artificial lake with the highest programmed fountain in the world that every fifteen minutes "dance" with the music and lights creating amazing aquatic forms that take your breath away.
The law is built to Dubai must make two identical skyscrapers (not so. Twin Towers ) and the designers and architects let their imagination run wild and create beautiful buildings that are hundreds of meters hangs over Dubai.

Palm Island - a seemingly impossible project
When the prior 15 years, Sheikh Mohammed ordered the creation of islands of palms, nobody believed that the project will be carried out to the end. And , really , only when you are on the island you can figure out the scale of the construction enterprise.
Millions of tons of desert sand fill on the seabed to the island emerged from the water in the shape of palm trees where today hundreds of private buildings , houses , hotels, restaurants . One of the most famous is Atlantis hotel, the architectural wonder of the 1,500-room , where breakfast service costs 1,000 euros. Hotel opened in 2009, and only for fireworks during the opening was paid 30 million euros.

Within the hotel is the largest water park in the world, that in addition to the endless slides, small rivers, vast beaches and many other water attractions, offers a unique experience: swimming with dolphins in the Bay dolphins. As with everything in Dubai, here you will take a substantial amount of money for 30 minutes of socializing with these wonderful mammals.

Upon arrival in the Dolphin Gulf friendly staff will look for a reservation (encounter with the dolphins must be booked at least a day in advance), to charge 250 euros per person for swimming, 80 euros if you want to photograph someone in the course of this adventure, and an additional 150 euros if you want CD with images.

However, the feeling is really indescribable, and this is something that definitely should not be missed if you go during visit to Dubai. Let us return to the luxuries of Dubai. A few years ago the world went around the news of the opening of the first seven-star hotel in the world - the Burj Al Arab.

Overnight at the hotel is 10,000 euros, and his occupation was a whopping 90 percent! After all, in all the hotels in Dubai , prices start at 600 euros and up per night , throughout the year, record high attendance.

The most expensive drink in the world 36,000 euros
In Burj Al Arab you can drink the most expensive drink in the world , a cocktail served in a golden cup , which costs 36,000 euros. For consolation , after drinking this drink , golden cup , you can take  with you .
Near the hotel there is the biggest ( and probably only ) collection of golden horse statue made ​​in the actual size. Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed, testified by many is very simple man who walks without escort and bodyguard.
In his emirate has everything under control and not allow arrogance. One of the local residents of Dubai said that Sheikh visit all the institutions , ministries , companies. Office Hours starts at 08:30 and if the sheik does not find employees at that time at their workplace without thinking fire them.

They complained to him once a long time waiting at the airport (which is, you guessed it, the largest airport in the world), to enter Dubai and he called on all Airport Dubai leaders with him to the palace.

In due time meeting with them Sheikh all the officers were in the palace, but the sheik came just two hours later. Present which stand, according to custom and tradition, as long as they are not the ruler invited to sit down and asked if they were comfortable with waiting.

Having said that it was not very pleasant told them: "Now you see how those who are waiting in lines at the airport feeling." The UAE is the only country in the world where the local population of minorities.

Specifically, in Dubai, for example, lives of two million inhabitants. Of this, 1.8 million foreigners (220 nationalities) and only 200,000 of the local population. There is no way to get UAE citizenship on any ground except that Sheikh him self give you citizenship, and it is not happening. Why?

Local residents have all the benefits
Local residents can enjoy all the privileges that you can imagine . For example , if one of them gets sick and needs an operation or treatment anywhere in the world , Sheikh Mohamed pay all costs and not just the patient but also his family if they want to travel with him .
Children of "locals" can study wherever they want , at any university in the world . One girl who was in Dubai finished medicine in place of specialization chosen a hospital in Munich ( Germany). Sheikh is not only paid for her specialization but also that hospital , as a donation , paid one million euros.
Each of the " locals " a villa of 250 to 500 square meters , which they gave Sheikh Mohamed . Sam Shaikh lived in the palace , which leads to hundreds of meters long avenue of palms, about a gate that resembles that Arc , feel free to walk hundreds of peacocks .
Do palate itself is , of course , can not come , but twice a year , during the two Eid , opens the door of his palace ruler of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi , and then they are free to enter , visit and will be delivered to Durham 100 (about 25 euros) .

Dubai is a recorder and some other things like the amount of the flagstaff. The mast on which proudly flies the flag UAE is 168 meters high, and its construction has been spent eight million.

Dubai boasts of the largest desalination plant in the world, and conversion of sea into drinking water.
Seven lane highway symbol of the seven emirates

It's a miracle and metro, or the most popular means of transportation for hundreds of thousands of workers in Dubai. It was built in the desert sand, and you can not admire the knowledge and skills of builders who were able to build it on such a ground.

It's amazing project and the highway leading from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. It is the way with seven bands symbolize the seven emirates. It is a fascinating and so. Media City, which is home to all the world's leading media outlets: CNN, Reuters, NBC ...

Sheikh Mohammed was aware that knowledge build cities and developing countries and in Dubai attract the best IT professionals, architects, doctors, bankers, and so on.

They all get a chance to show what they can and as much they can. In the end, Dubai has 18,000 millionaires and one
thousand billionaires, making it the recorder on this basis.

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