The bizarre world sexual mores and practices

Sexual practices and customs are dependent on culture, a diversified worldwide. Often, even shocking. These are just some of them.

Temporary marriage to
"taste" love of in Iran

It is degrading in Muslim countries to have sex before marriage. However, in Iran, a young couple who would want sex before marriage may request "temporary marriage". Then pay a short procedure and sign a contract specifying the duration of the "marriage".

Tribe to drink the semen in New Guinea

Sambians are a tribe in New Guinea, where the boys age 7 are separated from the women and the next ten years only live surrounded by men. Drink the semen of older members of the tribe to become strong men. After returning to the tribe, with women each month during
their partner menstruation bleed from the nose.

Aboriginal tribe
circumcision them self

When Mardudjara tribe boy is circumcised by the fire so one man sitting on his chest, and the other cut cuticles. Then the foreskin is placed over a fire to be baked and given the unfortunate boy who must eat without chewing. Once the skin heals, the penis is cut longitudinally sometimes to the scrotum.

Romantic French are fans of orgy

Even 41 percent of French at the present time is recognized that at least one's they participate in orgies, a 27 per cent them with partner was in the "swinging adventures."

Homosexuality in Greece was definitely not "in the closet"

The ancient Greeks sexual behavior and desire didn't classified by gender or behaviors, but the role that they belonged to in sexual act. So those with active, dominant role in sex were higher members of society, while the subordinate and passive they were poorer and lower on the social ladder.

In Indonesia, it is advisable to cheat spouse

During the festival Pon, which in Indonesia is celebrating seven times a year, pilgrims walk to the holy mountain of Java where they have sex with someone who is not their spouse. It supposedly brings the blessing of the gods, but only and only if all seven times elected same partner for sex.

Public masturbation Pharaoh

According to the belief of the ancient Egyptians, the Nile River flow is influenced by the god of creation and ejaculation - Atum. Because of that their pharaohs traditionally masturbated in front of the public in the Nile, to ensure that the river does not dry up.

Love marriage in Niger

Wodaabe tribe in Nigeria has an interesting tradition according to which men can steal someone else's wife. If they are unhappy with first marriage, husband and wife can wait Gerewol annual festival, where men
dressing up costumes, dance and impress the ladies, and they can steal one that they like. If the husband of the woman that stole didn't notice, then become recognized in the company as the new "marriage of love".
Brothers share wife in Nepal

In impoverished Nepal, to each of the son's of the parents to received a piece of land upon marriage, they introduced polyandry. So parents choose a woman that brothers will share.



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