Highest paid athletes in the world in 2013

"Forbes" published a list of the top 100 highest-paid athletes in the world this year. Woods and Federer unmatched, together they earned $ 150 million.

Every morning when he open eyes, on to Tiger Woods bank account snaps payment of 213,000 dollars. More precisely, every hour his account is increased by 8.900 "bucks". And so all 12 months, and the American took the sum of 78 million, which puts him in the first place the highest paid athlete of the planet.

He earned 65 million just of the sponsors, especially lucrative contracts with "Nike" and "Rolex", a significant money received from the tournament in Abu Dhabi, China, Malaysia and Turkey , only to accept participation.
The second position on the list, which was released yesterday by Forbes, is Roger Federer , perhaps the best player in the history of tennis, he earned $ 72 million. Swiss man weakened reflex backhand, not winning titles as before, but the famous duo "Nike" , "Rolex" and here also they calculate profit: from the sponsor Basel player gets, just like Woods , 65 million .
The third "richest" is Kobe Bryant with the Lakers contract of 28 million per year and 34 million on advertising. He recently signed an extension of cooperation with Lakers for another two seasons.

  Closely followed by colleagues from the NBA LeBron James with 42 million , and in the top 10 is also tandem from NFL Brees and Rogers (signed a five-year contract worth $ 110 million ) . In the company of the highest paid is golfer Phil Mickelson (over 40 million of the sponsors ) , and Beckham, Ronaldo and Messi . Together these ten guys earn 553 million U.S. dollars this year. 

Floyd Mayweather, boxer, fell to 14 place with 34 million salary, same as Manu Pacquiao. Significantly below is Wladimir Klitschko (24 million). Bolt is in 2013th earned 24.2 million, of which $ 200,000 from athletics. Gasol and Nowitzki earned by 21.5 million, Didier Drogba 20.8, Torres from Chelsea has 20 straight and Zlatan Ibrahimovic 19.7, Sebastian Vettel 18 .. 

There only three women in the top 100

On one hand can be counted female athletes on the list of 100 best paid. In fact, on the list is 97 men, among whom were "implicated" tennis player Maria Sharapova with 29 million salary in 2013, Serena Williams has 20.5 (12 sponsors), a Chinese Na Li 15

Rank Name Sport Nationality earning
($ million)
previous year
1         Tiger Woods    Golf USA    $78.1     3
2         Roger Federer    Tennis Switzerland    $71.5     5
3         Kobe Bryant    Basketball USA    $61.9     6
4            LeBron James    Basketball USA    $59.8     4
5         Drew Brees    American Football USA    $51     ?
6         Aaron Rodgers    American Football USA    $49     ?
7         Phil Mickelson    Golf USA    $48.7     7
8        David Beckham    Soccer UK    $47.2     8
9        Cristiano Ronaldo    Soccer Portugal    $44     9
10        Lionel Messi    Soccer Argentina    $41.3    11



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