Maps of the world that you will not see at school

Thanks to the team from BoredPanda who made some effort and brought together the best maps of the world, we will be able to see how maps of the world look in a slightly different way. Of the most common surnames in Europe, the size of the penis to the map of attractiveness and countries that have McDonalds.

You'll surely find something interesting for yourself.

Map of the world by the popularity of sport

Map of Europe, depending on the percentage of red-haired people

Map of the world before 200-300 millions years

How Europeans say beer

Map of freedom of speech and freedom of the media
Map with breast sizes
How Americans see Europe
How Americans see Asia

World map with the sizes of penis

Map of obesity

World map of favorite alcoholic beverages
Map of the world, depending on driving style - left or right
World map of countries that England tried to conquer

Map of intelligence

Map of attitude towards tourists

Map the most common surnames in Europe 

Map the most beautiful people

Map of using social networks

Map of using a web browser
Map of the world with the number of children per family

Which countries do not use the metric system
Countries with McDonalds


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