Who is Dan Bilzerian and why all the men in the world hate him?

Why? For living the best life in the world! If you would like to change with anyonewe believe that your choice would be living as Dan Bilzeriana. But who he is and how he enjoys all the attention of the world? Perhaps you've heard of him last week, because he is that guy who threw a porno actress from the roof into the pool.

Thirty - two year old professional poker player who was recently named "Instagram Playboy King" and only because of its popular Instagram profile, where you can find tons of pictures of cache, festivities on yachts, private jets, expensive cars, dozens of porn actress and models, a shitload of weapons and the golden gun and in case we have not mentioned, loads of porn actress and models! It is estimated that the Dan is "weighs" more than $ 100 million, but it seems, that sum is growing rapidly. Mommy and Daddy didn't left him a fortune that he can now spend. Dan is a businessman and one of the co-owners of the company name "Victory Poker", and in free time he is doing acting. I do not know if you've noticed, but Dan has starred in "Olympus Has Fallen", "Lone Survivor" and "The Other Woman". But his passion is definitely poker. Recently, on a tournament he won 10.8 million dollars! After that victory, of course he immediately started celebrating. Private jet to Mexico and the celebration began. What more can we say about Dan, but that he is an asshole. If you want a good laugh and get on your nerves, take a look at his Instagram profile.



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