Things every man should know

Ten things every real man just had to know how to do!

"There is noting worse than men who say they will not cook because it is women's job, for women there is nothing sexier than a man who's good in the kitchen!"


Here we do not mean to short-massage that you see only as a foreplay to sex, but a real massage that will relax her after a hard day, a massage that lasts for at least 30 minutes. Women are highly appreciated men who were willing to massage, and how real men know how to satisfy girls, this is something you need to know.

To satisfy a woman

The man in the bed must not be selfish, but to keep old saying "ladies first". Your ability in bed should not be revealed just how much endurance you have, but by how much attention you give to your partner. Learn how to orally satisfy, learn tricks like Chinese nines, and learn what positions she like and what positions she don't like.

Attitudes towards women

Let the story of macho where women are only a supplement. Respect all women and treats them culturally, according to etiquette. Unfortunately, today many have forgotten what it's even good manners, but for the beginning it will be enough to look into her eyes, hold her the chair, coat, or open the door. But never whistle for them like a desperate man.

Car Repair

Today's cars are nothing like the cars of the late '80s and early '90s that
anyone could fix, and that the parts can be bought in supermarket. Today, it is all a lot of electronics, but still you need to know basic things so you can help ladies in distress. Especially, not to mention the simplest things such as changing tires.


Gone are the days when the kitchen was a place where you will find only a woman, and when 90% of women as stated on the job - a housewife. Therefore, learn to cook at least a few meals because there is nothing worse than a man who declare that they will not cook because it is women's job and for women there is nothing sexier than a man who is able to handle in the kitchen!

Lighting the fire

It sounds so simple doesn't it? But it is not, especially if you're somewhere in the woods! A real man primarily known chop wood, and they know how to properly arrange so fire can flared. And that's important, even when you have matches, lighters or fire a flintlock that will finally work. The chances that you will ever need this out of house are small, but a real man will always know what to do!


Each man is good in drinking alcoholic beverages, at least each of us so claim regardless of whether it's true or not, but a real man should be familiar with drinks. Not only that, but it also has to know which drink is gong to ichother, so he could well mix a cocktail. Be sure that women will fall, and that men will be impressed by your abilities.

Sense of fashion

Take this with a grain of salt. A man should never have too good an eye for fashion, fashion trends to track in detail and comment on women's clothing. But man can not be "that guy, which puts on himself the first thing he can get his hands". Be careful about your appearance, what you wore, complete with accessories like a good belt or watch.

Tie a tie

Such a simple thing, but so little of us know to tie a tie! You will eventually have to put tie, even if you prefer just a shirt and a jacket without a tie, the day will come when you will simply need tie. And as far as women think is cute when they help you with that, you should know to tie a tie. Fortunately, on the internet there are enough clips with instructions for use.

Fixing things

Unless a major fault refrigerator, washing machine, television, the man has to take care of every defect in their home. Ask women what they think of the man who for any malfunction turns yellow pages to find "guy"! And for most of the
malfunction you only need screwdriver and a little electrical tape! 


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