4 cocktails to seduce women

Here are four cocktails that will fastest bring the girl in the mood for some action.

"Very popular cocktail for women will still work, as long as you do not use it with the well mangy tricks"

Can drink be erotic? Yes, they can if you ask girls, and this title
unmatched belong to cocktails, Girls love cocktails, and if cocktails which will result in to fastest get girl in the mood for a little action, listen to the advice of top bartender at Berlin Hotel Savoy, ImkerĂ–zkilica, who knows best what the girls love and what not. Here's a selection of his four cocktails that will surely achieve the effect that you hope! And yes, you're welcome!


Very popular cocktail for women will still work, as long as you do not use it with the well mangy tricks.

How do I do it?

4 cl vodka

2 cl peach liqueur

7 cl of pineapple juice

7 cl cranberry juice

Put in a shaker filled with ice and shake for 15 seconds to connect tastes. Serve in a tall glass and garnish add a slice of orange.


The very name tells what it's for, and effectiveness. If you are a hunter of women here is a great weapon!

How do I do it?

3 cl gin

1 cl of apricot brandy

1 cl Cointreau (orange liqueur)

6 cl pineapple juice

6 cl passion fruit juice


If you thought that you can get girl with tricks at the expense of ordering Sex on the beach, what would you say on name of this cocktail? But instead of tossing around some attempts at humor, make her this cocktail!

How do I do it?

3 cl Drambuiea (maltwhiskeya liqueur, honey and herbs)

2 cl orange juice

1 cl lemon juice


Mix juices and liqueur in a shaker and pour into a glass, then pour the champagne.


If you want a more subtle pickup line, make her this cocktail, noting that the name totally suits her. When she ask what is the name of that cocktail, your answer will draw her a big smile of satisfaction.

How do I do it?

2 cl peach liqueur

1 cl cream

2 cl pomegranate juice

1 cl of coconut liqueur

10 cl pineapple juice

Mix, put ice and pour into a shot glass decorated with strawberries.


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