Soon in sales the first electric motorcycle from Lito

Something that until ten years ago seemed like science fiction only, every day we are increasingly surrounded and becomes part of our living environment. Although still a relatively small number of electric vehicles are increasingly becoming part of our everyday life and cheaper alternative transport vehicles that are fueled by fossil fuels. Lito Sora is another "green" vehicle that will stretch a smile on the face of each fighter against pollution, but it also removed from the face of fervid motorcyclists who loosening with every pedal enjoy the deafening sounds of the gasoline engine.After two and a half years of development, testing prototypes and manual assembly of the final product, this electric motorcycle Canadian company Lito, will soon see the light of day. It is a fully electric motorcycle that develops a maximum speed of 190 km / h, and each charge will give you about 200 km fun ride through the city, while the driving highway autonomy reduced to little more than 100 km.

Interestingly, it has a fully adjustable power seat that will allow each driver to find the ideal driving position and thus make the ride more comfortable. Regenerative brakes and three modes (performance, normal and safe range) drive come as standard equipment, and there is a 5.7 ​​"LCD screen with touch control that will inform you about all the systems of the motorcycle, and you need it to serve as a GPS navigation.

Motorcycle can be ordered in the color combination you want but it will of course cost a bit more, but if you have 35.525 euros how much cost basic version of this bike, then the payment for the color should not be a problem. Lito Sora motorcycle is quite expensive, but if you want to step into a greener future, it's the price you have to pay.


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