The most successful countries in the World Cup

We bring you 10 football teams that are statistically achieved the highest score on the biggest football event.

"Elf is untouchable in another category - from Switzerland 1954 onwards they played in all the world championships in the quarter-finals at least!"

It will probably surprise you as Scandinavians in general on the list, especially as their greatest successes come from the most ancient times - the Swedes won second place in the 1958, a third the 1950 and 1994, and lost in the battle for third place in the 1938. Although not performed at the recent World Championships, and will not be in Brazil, Yellow performed at 11 championships by playing 46 meeting and achieving 16 victories and 17 defeats and 13 draws, or the equivalent in points - 61


The first world champions, back in 1930 on their own turf, they repeated the success 20 years later, but then began to stagnate. However, Uruguay returns to the world stage and at the last world championships finished fourth, and expect a lot of Suarez and society on the championship in Brazil. Until now, at 11 championships played 50 games clocking at 19 victories and defeats, and 12 draws - and 69 points on our list. 


No one has appeared in more finals and not won the title - three times the Oranje, finished the championship as the second (1974th, 1978th ​​and 2010th). The Dutch are known for quality teams that are at the very top of the effectiveness (1.8 points of the match), but unfortunately for the fans around the world, never climb to the top of the podium. Performed at the 10 championships, played 43 matches, won in 22 of them, were defeated in the 11. Converted into points won 76.


The initiator of the idea of ​​the World Cup was a Frenchman, and Tricolour are only one of four European team that took place in Uruguay in 1930. Only title they won at championship at home 1998, in Germany 2006th were defeated in the finals, and twice they were third (1958th and 1986th) They played 54 matches at 14 Championships, achieved 25 wins, 11 draws and 18 defeats, and so the French have 86 points.  


For a long time the Spaniards thought representation which falls short of the big events and today is considered one of the favorites for the title in Brazil. Fantastic generation currently has three major titles in a row (two Euros and the World Cup in South Africa), whereas they had previously been the biggest success on the world stage was fourth place in Brazil in 1950. Qualified for the 14 tournaments in which they played a total of 56 matches (28 wins, 12 draws and 16 defeats) - 96 points. 


If the Spaniards considered the national team that fails, what can we say about England? Gordie Albion regularly be seen off with great expectations and only in 1966 at home (and with the help of goal around which is still broken spear) were champions, with a fourth place in 1990. But, on the other hand the English only twice did not pass group, and the last time that happen in 1958. Have a total of 13 appearances in the championship, 59 games played, 26 wins, 19 draws and 14 defeats (least of all), that translates a point more than the Spaniards. 


Lionel Messi scored all but it is not lifted the World Cup trophy in the air - will he do that this year? Champions of the 1978th ​​and 1986 are the last two World Cups eliminated in the quarter-finals, that is their biggest success since the 1990, when in Italy they was defeated in the finals. From Messi is therefore expected a lot, and to Brazil, Argentineans score in 16 tournaments, 70 matches, 37 wins, 13 draws and 20 defeats, or the equivalent in points -124. 


The most successful European team boasts four world titles, and only Brazil has more titles. After two consecutive titles 1934th and 1938th, the Italians had to wait until the 1982nd on a new title, and last title they won eight years ago in Germany. Azzuri did not qualify for Brazil in 1958, while Uruguay 1930th was interesting for them. They had 44 wins, 21 draw and 15 defeats in 80 matches, so the Italians have 153 points on our list.


Although Italians have more championship (the Germans do that 1954th, 1974th and 1990th) Elf is untouchable in another category - from Switzerland 1954th year onwards, they played at all world championships in at least the quarterfinals! Also, the Germans have qualified for all the championships, only they were not interested in performance in Uruguay in 1930, while their performance in Brazil in 1950 was not allowed. Match against Portugal will be their 100th anniversary at the championships, and so far enrolled 60 wins, 19 draws and 20 defeats, which is the equivalent of 199 points.  


The only team to have participated in all championships, and no matter what they finished on top. The hosts of this year's championships are the most of all won the World Cup - five times (1958th, 1962nd, 1970th, 1994th and 2002nd), and they hope that their home ground again will be lucky. In the last two championships were eliminated in the quarter-finals, but they hope that this year support from the stands will take until the end. Only the Germans have more matches (Brazil played 97), but Karaoke have a record of 67 wins, with 15 per draws and defeats for respectable 216 points! 


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