5 remedies for a hangover that you have never heard of

You've tried tomato juice, chicken soup, fruit of mermaids, nails from Dracula and nothing help after a wild night at a local recreation facility where you finally broke the record in drinking warm beer? It's time to try something new in order to minimize the effects that alcohol is left on your suffering body.

1. Brine

Brine is a traditional Russian remedy for hangover, in fact, is a liquid that contains pickles or pickled beets. Not that is not happening here, but so far we are not practicing that.

If anyone knows how to deal with a hangover, then it is certainly the Russians.

2. The juice of wheat grass

The juice of wheat grass is an exceptional beverage that is obtained by squeezing and pressing of these types of grass in a glass. It's full of many vitamins, minerals, enzymes and all that we need to recover. Looks like a cocktail of some very bad bartender, but if we are to believe those who have tried, really helps.

3. Oxygen

Oxygen, favorite divers drug since it has always close to them. A little oxygen after a wild night will accelerate the flow of oxygen and raise metabolism to the point where the faster dissolve toxins.

4. Silybum

Silybum are very often changes with Velcro, but it is not the same plant. The compositions or tablets of silybum is often used as a hangover cure and only 350 mg would need to speed up the work of the liver and excretion of alcohol from the body. Very often located on the Chinese menu and so I guess we have never seen a drunken Chinese.

5. Saline

Very efficient, but a little weird is drug infusion with saline, which is a great way to hydrate the body.
This year in the United States is very popular connection to the needle, and can be booked physician for only $ 190. Of course, when you know you'll revel the night before.


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