Gallery of the most horrific selfies from Russian Tinder profile!

Tinder, an application that is indirectly enabled to connect people who are interested in casual sex, swept the world in just a few months and unfortunately (fortunately) came up to Russia. And when there, the Russians are crazy "like electricity."  Happy, drunken, drugged, who knows who these people are and what the hell is going on in the lives of them. What is it that makes you to make that picture for your Tinder profile, how is it possible for them to have "smart phones" and the question of all questions, do you think they something through Tinder finally laid???



  1. Russians=bunch of inbred, backward thinking retards.

    1. Do you actually know any Russians are are you just a shit-for-brains who lives in the basement of their parents house aged 20 something?


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