8 horror movies that you have to watch in 2015

This year will be dominated by spectacles and big-name extensions of known series, but everyone should watch these eight horror movies ass well.


When a group of medical students unravel these rumby means by which the deceased person can just come back to life, just know that things will go wrong. And exactly this is happening in the new horror movie with Olivia Wilde announcing interesting horror. Note that because this is a subject back from the dead does not mean that you will watch the zombies, here are none.

Judging by the first reactions It Follow could be a horror of the year, because, after limited screenings at festivals, it has a 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes. For 19-year-old Jay after having sex, is transferred curse which can be solved only by death, and interesting story, excellent acting and music just additional recommendations for viewing.

Who could forget the first part Insidious, definitely one of the most terrifying horror films ever made. Second part is not far behind, and now comes to us the third part, which will be a prequel to the first two parts. The story this time centers around a father who tries to protect his daughter from the evil supernatural forces, a movie director is a man who knows the story because he wrote the screenplay for all three parts!  
The problem with remakes is that they are either a complete hit or a complete failure - more often the second one. After 33 years comes a remake of one of the most successful horror films of all time, and one of the best films of the 80s. The question is whether the new Poltergeist can deal with the time in which, in contrast to the early 80's, horror become something usual. The first trailer still promises a little bit of fear.

When we talk about films that can either be a hit, or a total failure, we must mention the Sinister 2. Debut was definitely a hit, one of the most terrifying horror films in the last decade, and the scenes of dying family has engraved in memory. In this way Sinister has set the bar very high, but what ever the sequel we need to look at it!

Horror movie most talked of in this 2015 is definitely Crimson Peak, the horror of the cursed castle whose action takes place in the 19th century. And the reason we are talking about him is - Guillermo del Toro. A man of dark fantasy, which has brought us Pan's Labyrinth and the Devil's backbone, will again delight us safely, including the roles of Charlie Hunnam from Sons of anarchy.

Horror at the beginning of this century, the video tape that bring death within seven days to all those who saw it, it was (and still is) one of the most original horror films. The movie is already forgotten, and now Paramount has decided to make the continuation of whose actions is little known. It is expected that they will return Samara, and already this is enough to cause tingling...

Rob Zombie is not known for quality films but by sadistic imagination. At the end of the year, as announced, ought to bring the story of five people detained in the slaughter house called Murder World, where in the perverse game they must survive for 12 hours. Their task is more difficult because they are hunted by sadistic clowns.


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