4 poses that every man should try

Sex, as well as many other things, can sometimes become monotonous and uneventful. When this happens, usually people feel dissatisfied and there is boredom. See our suggestions for the interesting sex positions that will improve your sex life.

Sit on the end of bed, and turn so that your legs are on the bed. Lower the head and shoulders all the way to the floor, while your feet remain on the bed. She sits down on you in a cowgirl pose. Alloy of blood to the brain (which is natural when your head is lower than the legs), will allow you an amazing orgasm.

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Lie down on the side facing each other. After penetration she tries one leg underneath you, and the other over your side so that she embrace you with her feet and gripped. This position is ideal for those who prefer the intimacy of sex, and even though it may not sound so will give you a deeper penetration.

Face sitter
Pose for oral sex, that is any man's imagination. Girl lying on her back, and you sit (not literally because it is not good that the burden her with your weight) in front of the head. You know what follows ... This pose is maddening for men, and when she see what pleasure that provide for you, so will be for her.

Sit on the floor, legs outstretched, dropping back to 45 degrees so that you rely on your hands. She also do that in the opposite direction. After penetration instead of legs on the bed (or whatever ground), raises them on your shoulders.  


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