Koenigsegg Legera Concept

15-year-old Jennarong Muengtaveepongsa of VanaticalDesign digitally imagine Koenigsegg Legera.

Brought to you by the same teenagers who brought the concept of Aston Martin DB11 and PSC motors SP-200 SIN, this latest plan brings new furrow entry-level under Koenigsegg Agera RS. Author created this illustration using the signals from the different designs of Agera and Regera, but also from non Koenigsegg models like the concept Jaguar C-Ks75 and Porsche 918 Spider.

This is called "Legera" as an acronym for "alloy" in Swedish, and also mentioned in the Italian word "leggera" (light) in the form of "aluminum" label. It is designed with a conventional V8 turbo petrol engine developing 700 to 800 BHP (522 to 597 kV) and comes with a removable targa top.

The doors don't have conventional handles as getting inside the cabin would be achieved by using a fingerprint sensor. Since we mentioned the doors, these open upwards and extend to the front wheels and according to the creator they have a sensor to monitor the angle of the front wheels and make the necessary hinge adjustments so that the doors won't hit the wheels.

Needless to say, the illustrations are no way officially in connection with Koenigsegg, but it's still interesting to see what 15-year-old can achieved.


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